Glamping Tent

We have many kinds of different shapes of tent for glamping and hotel resort tent, the best sell product including the PVC fabric dome tent, the glass dome tent, the peak top membrane structure tent, and other customized hotel tent, the two peak top tent for luxury glamping hotel, we call this kind of tent PVDF membrane structure hotel tent, the skeleton treated with galvanized surface treatment, the cover material is PVDF roof fabric, 1200g, other accessories including glass door, galss window, glass wall, top roof ceiling,solid wall,inside film and etc..It’s just like a house, people can live in it permanently.
It has many advantages of the glamping tent

60sqm Two Peak Top Glamping Tent
Two Peak Top Glamping Tent With Double Layer PVDF Membrane Fabric and Galvanized Steel Tube for Resort Hotel
Shell Shape
Shell Shape Outdoor Luxury Hotel Tent at Cheap Price Hot Sale
Tree Tent Hang Up
Tree Tent Hang Up Tent for Glamping and Resort
Pumpkin Shape Glamping
Pumpkin Shape Glamping Tent For Hotel and Resort With Steel Tube and PVDF Fabric Covered With Tempered Glass
6M Octagon 35 Sqm Hotel Tent
6M Octagon 35 Sqm Hotel Tent Luxury Tent Home with Glass Wall and PVDF Cover for Glamping and Resort
100 SQM Three Peak Tent
100 SQM Three Peak Tent for Luxury Glamping Tent House with Glass Wall and Double Layer Roof Cover