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Shell Shape

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The shell shape tent is the new style of outdoor glamping tent for outdoor luxury hotel.
This new kind shell shape tent is 5M width and 8M length, the roof height is about 3.6M, enough for the lighting hanging, the minimum height is about 1.6M enough for the bathroom and take shower.
The shell shape tent for luxury hotel is made of steel coated white and covered with 1100g/sqm PVDF, which is 100% waterproof and UV-resistance and flame resistance, we have tested the structure several times to make the cover be tightened and smooth which seems more beautiful than others.
Size: 5M width, 8M length, which is about 35 sqm, enough space for hotel room.
Material: The main material of the shell shape tent structure is steel coated white and the hotel tent covered with PVDF fabric.
Feature: Waterproof, fire resistance, sun and rain resistant, anti-knife, strong and stable for outdoor glamping hotel.
Capacity: The shell shape tent for glamping hotel can hold 2-4 people for permanent living.
Accessory: French slidening glass door, french curtain with glass door, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: The hotel tent windload 100KM/H and snowload 75KG/SQM

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The main structure of the shell shape tent is the 11 pcs bent steel pipe, coated with white, connected with one pcs of long frame, covered with strong and thick PVDF fabric cover. For the design, our teams have didcussed and did the examination and test repeatedly, we pay more attention to every details to make this hotel tent more perfect and practical and innovative.We have operated with the raw material factory for many years, so the quality of shell shape hotel tent for glamping can be highly guaranteed. If your order is urgent, we can try to arrange for you in advance.

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Shell Shape Tent Structure


Before we coated the steel pipe, we tested the frame in our factory yurt. Because it’s the new style of the trade show tent for outdoor luxury hotel tent, we usually did the test of the design and installation repeatedly to make sure that every details will be ok, after that, we will do with quantity production.

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Shell Shape Tent Cover


We covered with the PVDF fabric It’s very important that how we install and fix the PVDF cover with the structure, our workers are all professional and experienced that we did the shell shape tent surface very beauty and elegant, we pay more attention to the details to make it successfully and perfectly.

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Shell Tent for Glamping Hotel


We have different kind of tents for outdoor glamping hotel, the dome shape including the PVC dome tents and glass dome tents,6M/7M is the most popular size for glamping hotel tent, the peak top tent is the luxury tent like a permanentt house, and the new design shell shape tent, beautiful appearence and enogh space.

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The shell shape tent for outdoor luxury hotel is perfect with strong structure and nice PVDF fabric cover, it’s used for hotel,resort and glamping for family and friends, it can be easily to set up and settle down and can be removed to another place.

Our workers are all experienced, they are all working carefully, rigorously and seriously. We designed the lift up part for the platform for the shell tent to consider that it can reduce the budget and time for customer to install the inside floor. We made the fix system and accessory very practically that what’s only we can do to make the shell tent more beautiful and stronger. All we do is the quality. High quality is the pursue of our company.

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We have many cases for the shell shape tent for outdoor glamping hotel and family resort. The hotel tents have good appearance and 100% utilization

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First, assemble the main structure,the basement and the longest frame of the shell shape tent, connect together with the screws. Then, cover the PVDF fabric cover and fix the details carefully one by one to make sure it’s tightened enough. Third, install the glass door and window in front of the shell shape tent.

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