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Projection Dome Tent

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We have manufactured many many dome tents for event, projection, exhibitions, hotel and resorts etc.. The most popular size for projection dome tent is 10M/15M/20M/25M, we have made the 25M dome tent for projection for the new product launch of Audi Auto A8L.
The dome tent was built besides the sea side, with singer layer PVC fabric and stainless steel tube, the dome was strong enough to against the heavy rain and wind when storm coming from the sea.
Size: 25M width, 12.5M height, which is 490 sqm.
Material: The main material of the projection dome tent is stainless steel tube and 850g/sqm roof PVC fabric cover.
Feature: Waterproof, fire resistance, DIN4102 B1/M2.
Capacity: The dome tent can hold 400-500 people standing in it.
Accessory: Projection dome tent accessory including door, lights system and sound system
Wind and Snow load: Dome tent windload 100KM/H.

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360 degree Projection Dome Tent launch of Audi Auto A8L.


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6m small projection tent 360 for cinema theater


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10M Geodesic dome immersive theater 3D dome cinema


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Geodesic dome tent for projection,event dome


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The main material of the dome tent for projection and event is white PVC fabric, it can be clearly see the iamges and words on the white fabric when projection system works on. The structure material usually can be reinforced stainless steel and steel coated white tube which is very heavy and strong ensure the safety of the ourdoor event and launches. We have tested  many times and we have many cases both in China and oversea market.

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We made the projection dome tent with steel coated white which is more aesthetic, anti-rust, stable and completely safe, the frame can use at least 10 years.
We produced the frame with double layer for thicker and stronger than others, it’s the exclusive design for this structure in China market. It’s more safe.

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The projection dome tent was covered by fully with white PVC cover to make sure the projection effect will be perfectly.
For this big dome, we have added the sand bags and weight plate to strengthen the security, because the dome was set and the event happened nearly the sea in summer days.
We must make sure the projection is completely safe and strong.

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Dome Tent for Projection


As the picture shows that you can clearly see the letters and logo at the surface of the dome fabric, it’s fantastic and amazing, the big dome tent just as the big screen for this event.
The projection dome tent effect performanced very great.

The projection dome tent is widely used in the event and exhibition field in outdoor, the dome effect makes the lanuch more creative and high-end.
Both of the outside and inside, there are many projectors to show more information of the new product lanuch.

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