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Zome Dome Tent for Luxury Glamping Hotel Tent

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We have been constantly innovating products, and now we have various exclusive patented products, such as the zome tent, glass dome tent, pumpkin tent, glass pyramid tent, etc. Our dome products are favored by clients. As the exclusive product, the glass zome tent is named for its unique peach shape, which is particularly eye-catching. The glass zome tents can be used for luxury hotels, yoga rooms, coffee shops, and so on. In this case, our glass zome tent is used for a glamping hotel in the camp, with a unique shape and bright color.
Size: 6m glass zome tent, best for glamping and resort, another size can be.
Material: The main material of the glass zome tent is an aluminum frame and covered with fully orange-coated tempered glass.
Capacity: The glass zome tent can hold 1-2 beds for 2-4 people to live in.
Accessory: The glass zome tent accessory including glass door, floor system, glass windows etc
Wind and Snow load: Windload is 100KM/H and snow load is 75KG/SQM.

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We keeps improving each product and produces high-quality products with high-quality materials. And we have cooperated with our raw material manufacturers for many years, the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

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Glass Dome Frame


The glass dome tent should be strong enough, so we use the patent aluminum alloy for the main structure. First, we cut the raw material to pieces and then drill holes, then we weld the matrial into triangles and painted golden color, it’s lightweight, anti-rust, stable and completely safe, can be easily regenerated and  it’s environmentally friendly, can be used at least 15-20 years.

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Glass Zome Dome Cover


The glass zome tent is usually covered with tempered glass, which has good thermal insulation, 100% waterproof and fireproof, and UV-resistant. In order to keep privacy and ensure the viewing effect, the cover of this glass zome tent is a combination of substrate and hollow tempered glass, the color is unique and beautiful.

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Glass Zome Tent Shape


The biggest difference between the glass zome tent and the glass dome tent is its unique peach shape, the inner height is higher than the glass dome tent, and the appearance is also very beautiful. The glass zome tent is very suitable for luxury glamping hotels or activities

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We have detailed installation instructions and installation videos for each product, and we also have a professional engineering team, we can solve any problems for you at any time.

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We have patents on the glass zome tent tents to protect our powerful products and technology from being imitated. The glass zome tent already through the appearance and practical and new type patent. Patented product counterfeiting not allowed.

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