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15M geodesic dome tent for event

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This huge aluminum frame marquee tent was built for the Mercedes-Benz event and was used for the banquet and party of Benz VIP customers. The size of the marquee tent is 50m width and 70m length. Because the large canopy tent was set up on the grass ground in MoGan Mountain, the ecology of the grass should be protected. Therefore, we set up a hot-dip galvanized steel wooden platform for the 3,500 sqm marquee event tent. This tested our construction difficulty and project quality, and we completed it successfully.
Since we established, we have made many large tents for BMW, Audi, Buick and other automotive brands for a long time, such as curved tents and aluminum frame tents with glass wall around. A-shaped tents with ABS walls around, even small canopy tents and pagoda tents.

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