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Star Capsule luxury hotel tent geodesic dome

Star Capsule is an innovative mobile building developed by the company from a new design. Created with the starry sky as the main image, it combines the creative elements of sci-fi future and nature. It has a shock-resistant structure, a space aluminum alloy shell, a double-layer broken bridge glass, a multi-layer thermal insulation and waterproof system, and a solid wood interior, which can be used for more than 20 years. You can choose different configurations for star capsules, skylights, bathrooms and more.

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Product Parameters


Size: 4.5*4.26m
Frame Material: Aluminum wood structure
Cover Material: Aluminum veneer
Color: white or blue
Use Life: 20 years
Door: Ladder remote control on and off
Wind Load: 100km/h
Window: Triangular glass skylight
Snow Load: 75kg/㎡
Features: 100% waterproof, flame retardent, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion,UV protection
Temperature: Can resist temperature from -30℃ to 60℃
Accessories: fixed base, crew and so on

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Excellent cooperation cases


It is a creative mobile building product designed and developed by the company. The product is built with creative elements of starry sky theme, sci-fi future and nature. It has the characteristics of technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a new type of intelligent mobile homestay building. The company is committed to promoting new intelligent mobile buildings to various fields such as scenic spots, hotels, and public services, and has become an expert in the field of intelligent environmental protection and mobile buildings.

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