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Size 5800*2160*2400mm(Customized Size)
Usage area 12.5 square meters
Main material Aviation carbon fiber reinforced composite, light steel structure
Contains a Ventilation Fan, RV Windows, Internet Socket and Socket(waterproof), internal sockets, LED lighting, switches, a light belt, an insulation layer
Exterior Color  White/Customized
Window Explosion-proof privacy glass

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Prefab House Structure


  • Steel frame system
  • Aluminum alloy housing module
  • Thermal insulation is waterproof moistureproof structural system (polyurethane insulation coating)
  • Hollow tempered glass curtain
  • Hollow tempered glass skylight 5+15
  • Custom flat open door for entry
  • tempered balcony glass armrest
  • Hollow tempered glass balcony door
  • customize LOG
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Interior finis


  • Standard color prefabricated integrated ceiling and wall(Bamboo charcoal fiberboard )
  • Eco-friendly wood grain composite flooring
  • Whole house spotlight
  • Whole house atmosphere lamp
  • Whole house strong and weak circuit system
  • Whole house’s plumbing system
  • Standard shade curtains
  • Smoke detector
  • Gree heating and cooling air-conditioning(mobile
    air conditioner )
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  • Bathroom privacy glass door
  • PVC waterproof floor for a toilet
  • Brand basin/table/bathroom mirror
  • Brand toilet/faucet/shower/floor drain
  • Instant hot water heat
  • Lighting ventilation heating three-in-one bath
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Custromer control system


  • Insert &take card for power panel
  • Insert &take card for power panel
  • Intelligent control of whole house lighting
  • Hotel Intelligent access Control

Another accessory

Enter stair
Install transportation packaging and other accessories

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  • Electricity floor heating
  • Full-house sound system
  • Fully automatic HD projector
  • Double layer insulation waterproof moistureproof structure system
  • Electric heat preservation protection for water supply and drainage system
  • Solar power system


1.The color supports open customization;
2.Floor heating facilities can be added according to local conditions;
3.Projection and electric projection screen equipment can be added according to the needs of use;
4.The whole house can be upgraded to high-grade soft wrapped leather ornaments;
5. The access control brand and model can be specified according to project operation requirements;
6. The window wall insulation system can be upgraded according to local conditions;
7.All indoor equipment can be eguipped with brands and styles according to needs;
8.Other customization requirements can be discussed;
9.Sanitary hardware is only for accommodation equipment not for commercial

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