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80m Huge Geodesic Dome Tent

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WE have designed produced and built the 80M geodesic dome tent two years ago, it’s used for big event for the short-term event in China, until now, we are the only one tent manufacturer who can make the 80M dome tent. That means we are one of the most powerful manufacturer in tent field.
We have rich experience in the big dome tent since we begin the dome tent business in the early years.
Size:80M width, which is 5024 sqm, can hold about 5000 people for event and exhibitions etc.
Material: The frame material is hot-dip galvanized steel tube for the structure and dome covered with double layer PVC fabric.
Feature:Waterproof, fire resistance, DIN4102 B1/M2.
Accessory: including double open glass door, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

The outside and inside of the big 80M geodesic dome tent, it’s 5024 sqm, can hold at least 5000 people for short-term event. Until now, it’s the biggest dome tent in China market or even in the world, we made and built it by our teams, it’s hard work but we did it successfully and perfectly.

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The main material of the big geodesic dome tent includes both the dome structure and dome cover, the big dome should use big raw material profile, the structure is hot-dip galvanized steel tube with double layer fabric. 

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We built the 80M geodesic dome tent in the north of China where is very cold with temperature below 20 ℃, we used 12 pcs of big cranes to build the dome structure and checked every connector very carefully. The profile of the 80M geodesic dome tent is very big to make sure the whole dome is safe enough.

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Dome Cover


The regular material of the geodesic dome tent cover is PVC fabric, when temperature is below zero, the whole pcs of cover becomes hard and stiffness, but our engineers are all very professional to deal with the situation, finally, the finished the dome tent perfectly.

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Inside Dome Cover


The inside cover of the geodesic dome tent is made of cotton, it’s light and soft, so the inside cover should be fixed with straight aluminum rod to make the surface smooth. That cost much more time for installation, but more gracious work.

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We used 12 pcs big cranes for the dome structure and dome cover installation, it cost about one more week to finish the dome tent.

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