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6M Wood Cabin Glass Dome House

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When people first saw the wooden glass dome house, they were very surprised and love it very much. So far, the 6M wooden glass dome tent is the special customized and one of the most popular domes in the market.
The structure of this glass dome house is the same as the regular blue glass dome tent. The dome frame structure is high-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy and the surface is covered with tempered glass or Low-e glass. Then we designed the regular clear and blue color to be wooden color, which is more beautiful and unique. This glass dome house has many advantages:
1, The appearance of the glass dome house is unique, highly recognizable.
2, Comparing with ordinary wooden cabins, it performs better in the feature of waterproof, wind load and fireproof, and has high safety.
3, compared with the ordinary PVC dome tent, the hard glass dome house is soundproof, quieter and more comfortable.
4, It can be widely used as greenhouse, tea room, leisure room, coffee room, hotel room and party, restaurant, etc.
5, It’s better performance on anti-cracking, anti-snow load and at least 20 years lifespan etc.
Size: 6M diameter, 3.5M height, which is 28.26 sqm, it can be hold 2 beds and 1 bathroom for hotel
Material: The main material of the glass dome tent is aluminum alloy frame 6061-T6. and solid tempered glass cover.
Feature: 100%Waterproof, 100% fire resistance, 100% nature light, 80% soundproof etc.
Capacity: The glass dome tent can hold 2-4 people for living in it.
Accessory: Glass door, solid insulation, curtain, glass window, lights, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: The glass dome house windload 120KM/H and snowload is 80KG/SQM, can be used in cold and hot area.

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The main material of the glass dome tent includes both the dome structure and dome cover, most of people choose the glass dome tent for half-permanent, so we decide the raw material factory seriously. We have operated with the aluminum alloy factory and glass factory for many years, so the quality of the raw material can be guaranteed. If your order is urgent, we can try to arrange for you in advance.

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This wooden color glass dome house frame is made of aluminum alloy. The reason why it looks like a wooden house is because that we did the special treatment during the production process. After the frame is cut and welded, the frame is sprayed into wood color, so the wood color can be maintained. It won’t fade for a long time.

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Dome Cover


The cover of the glass dome tent usually can be tempered glass, coated glass, colored glass, low-e glass, double-layer laminated glass, double-layer insulating glass, the regular color of the glass is blue, transparent, brown, green, etc., we can customized glass cover according to your project. The glass dome tent we made for our Jordan customer which is half transparent and half blue.

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Inside of the Glass Dome


We can customized the glass dome tent to fit the enviornment, including the frame, the glass cover, the accessories such as glass door, key by card and by passwords, the insulation, the curtain etc.
Besides, the glass can be double-layer glass, hollow glass, Low-e glass, organic glass and photochromic glass etc.

The regular glass dome tent cover can be half blue and half brown, half white and half transparent, or even fully clear glass, it’s perfect for the tourists to see the Aurora in the northern area, it can be work well in the temperture below 40℃ to 70 ℃.

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The glass dome tent can be used in many situations, such as the camp and glamping site, in the park, indoor dispaly, in the beauty spot, in the farm village.

We have professional designers, engineers, workers to ensure the high quality and fast delivery of the glass dome tent, the installation and the accessory about the glass dome tent should need rich experience.

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We have many patents on the glass dome tents to protect our powerful products and technology, including CE, the design patent, the appearance patent and the utility model patents.

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