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6M white glass dome house

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The glass dome house is one of the most important and best seller product in our company, we have many different designs with different size and shapes, for this glass dome house, we manufactured with silver aluminum frame and covered with half white and half transparent tempered glass, with triangle glass window and floor system for campsite and outdoor glamping.
Besides this glass dome house, we have many other successful cases, widely used for outdoor glamping, luxury hotel tent and lighting show and cafe house etc.. The glass dome house has many advantages, 100% waterproof, UV-resistance, fire resistance, soundproof etc.
Size: 6m glass dome house , best for glamping hotel room.
Material: The main material of the 6m glass dome house is aluminum frame and covered with tempered glass.
Capacity: The 6m glass dome house is 28.26 sqm, can hold 1-2 beds for 2-4 people to live in.
Accessory: The glass dome house for glamping accessory including glass door, window, insulation, curtain, lights, solar fan, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: Glass dome house is heavy duty and strong structure which windload 100KM/H. We have test successfully.

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The main material of the glass dome house is aluminum frame which is lightweight, unti-corrossion, strength enough to bear weight over 1 tun.The tempered glass has single layer, double layer and three layers for options, tempered glass is more stronger to against thump.

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The frame of the glass dome house is aluminum frame T6061T6, with high strength, high hardness and strong bearing force, it’s the best material for outdoor uasge to against the bad weather. The aluminum frame can be coated into black, white, grey, gold color etc.. can customized according to your project.

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The glass dome house covered with half white and half transpatent tempered glass, the white glass was treated with high temperature tougheningm, baking paint and other process, so the glass is heavy, safe, waterproof and rainproof and against sun light.

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The glass dome house for glamping hotel tent, the decoration including the beds, sofa, lights and bathroom etc.., the style can be customized to your local market. While if the glass dome house used for cafe house, that will be more easier, the style will be more brief and commercial or romantic style.

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We have professional workers for the producing process of the glass dome house, we usually test the glass dome house installation in our factory before we delivery.

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