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5m+5m+3m dome tent prefab house glamping geodesic dome

5m + 5m + 3m Dome Tent is the new and popular glamping tent. And it is easy to install. It is made from 850g white PVC coated fabric. The framework is Hot-Dip Galvanized steel tube with white painted, can be used more than 20 years. You can choose the different configurations for the tent, the skylight, glass door, PVC round door, stove hole and so on.

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Dome Size: Geodesic dome tent 5m+5m++ 3m bathroom , 3.5M height,
Frame Material: The dome house frame is hot-dip galvanized steel tube or coated white steel tube, φ26mm*1.5mm.
The dome house cover is double coated PVC fabric, color can be whole white or white combine with transparent /grey/ green etc.
Feature: The geodesic dome house is 100% waterproof, uv-resistance, flame Redartant,10-15 years long life span.
Capacity: The 5m+5m++ 3m dome tent can hold 4-6 person for luxury glamping and camping and about 30-50 person for standing.
Accessory: It depends on the usage of the geodesic dome tent, including glass door, window, insulation, curtain, lights, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: Glass dome tent windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM

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Custom dome tents are usually semi-circular, but oval and large hemispherical tents can also be customized. Geodesic dome tents are used for large exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor events, living homes, greenhouses and outdoor camping huts. Unique and beautiful shape and versatile membrane fabric design make this product the first choice for high-end users who advocate high quality and show brand charm. Its advanced structural design enables faster and more efficient construction and can easily become a self-contained semi-permanent building.

First Layer(Leather)

The first layer of the geodesic dome tens is leather layer, which is lightweight, flat, stretch, mold resistance, fire resistance, an be easily to assemble and cleaned, it looks nice from the inner or outside of the dome.

Second Layer(Aluminum foil)

Aluminum foil is the best material for the dome tent, it is protected from thermal stress, ultraviolet rays and other factors to damage the waterproof layer, the excellent moisture resistance makes it have long-term stable thermal insulation performance and compressive strength. And the high-efficiency insulation materials meets the development direction of building energy-saving technologies.

Third Layer(PVC fabric)

The PVC is flame retardant in accordance with DIN4102B1, M2, BS5438 /7873 NFPA701. At the same time, PVC has been adopt high-frequency welding technology, which can make the wind resistance at 80-100 km / h. In the rainy season, the PVC will not be moldy after drying, easy to repair and keep. When the temperature is as low as -30 °C, and the weather resistance is good.

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The geodesic dome tent can be used in many situations, such as the camp and glamping site, in the park, indoor dispaly, in the beauty spot, in the farm village.

The 6M geodesic dome tent is very comfortable and popular for outdoor luxury camping and restaurant. This is a very hot sale product of our company.
It has excellent weather resistance and withstand the temperature from -40 degrees to plus 70 degrees. It is suitable for both hot and dry desert areas and snowy icy areas.

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We have obtained a lot of patent certificates for this product from the government, including dome tent quality certification, dome material quality testing, CE certification, UV protection and other certifications to ensure high quality, and at the same time, provide guarantee for product exports.

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The geodesic dome tent has many advantages, more stronger, longer lifespan, more appearance, it has good performance in water & fire & moisture & impact resistance, uv-resistance, high and low tempareture insulation, long lifespan at least 15-20 years.

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1. Small geodesic dome tent with circle window, glass door for luxury glamping
2. Curtain for the clear part.
3. Exhaust solar fan for ventilation.
4. Galvanized steel tube wooden platform.
5. The transparent skylight window on the top.
6. The clear bay window can be customized.
7. Zipper PVC door also can be instead of the glass door

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