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5M Transparent Glass Dome

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The 5M glass dome tent is one of our best sellers in oversea market, this small geodesic glass dome tent is best for outdoor glamping and family resort, and also can use for commercial applications, coffee house, tea room, restaurant,Yoga, training room etc.
It has many many advantages, it’s 100% waterproof and fire resistance, can against heavy rain and wind, soundproof and insolate UV rays, it has long lifespan at least 15-20 years.
Size: 5m glass dome tent, best for glamping and resort, other size can be OK.
Material: The main material of the 5m glass dome tent is aluminum frame and covered with fully transparent tempered glass.
Capacity: The 5m glass dome tent is 19.625 sqm, can hold 1-2 beds for 2-4 people to live in.
Accessory: The glass dome tent for glamping accessory including glass door, window, insulation, curtain, lights, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: Glass dome tent is heavy duty and strong structure which windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

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The aluminum frame can coated into different color, the regular is back, grey, gold. IF the glass dome tent used for resaurant and cafe house, we suggest coated black which is more high-end and commercial style. If uaed for resort and glamping, we suggest for gold, grey, white and others.
This one we covered with fully transparent tempered glass, also can be other colors. 

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The glass dome tent with patent aluminum alloy frame for the main structure is lightweight, anti-rust, stable and completely safe, can be easily regenerated and  it’s environmentally friendly, can be used at least 15-20 years.

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We choose tempered glass for the cover of the glass dome tent, the glass is very heavy and 100% leakproofness, so our tent can be is 100% waterproof, soundproof, smooth and shiny, and it can be cleaned easily with clean water when it’s dusty

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We built the glass dome tent with no furniture, we want to show customers the real product and people can imagnie that how they will decorate the dome inside. Maybe for restaurant, cafehouse, tea room, dome for friends party, anyone you can customized.

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We have professional workers for the producing glass dome tent,  wheter the frame or the glass, they are familar with every process of the glass dome tent.

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We have many patents on the glass dome tents to protect our powerful products and technology from being imitated. The glass dome tent already through the appearance and practical and new type patent. Patented product counterfeiting not allowed.

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