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40M Big Dome Tent With Steel Coated

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The 40M big geodesic dome tent is suitable for temperory event in outdoor, we have made many pcs of big dome tent for exporting to oversea, the big dome tent with steel coated white and covered with white and transparent PVC fabric is best for outdoor event, we can show to customers more details and prove the high quality of our domes.
Size: 40M diameter, 20M length, which is 1256sqm
Material:The big dome tent structure material is steel coated white and covered with transparent PVC fabric.
Feature:Waterproof, fire resistance, DIN4102 B1/M2, thickness is 0.5mm.
Capacity:The big dome tent can hold 1000 people for outdoor event and party.
Accessory:Glass door, lights, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load:Windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.
Certifications:We have business license, SGS, CE, TUV, PATENTS certifications for domes.
Installation instruction:We will send the installation guide book to help you set up the domes or send our engineers to your side.

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The main material of the large geodesic dome tent includes both the dome structure and dome cover. For the structure, you have three options:the stainless steel tube structure, the steel coated white tube and the hot-dip galvanized steel tube. For the dome tent cover, you have many options on the fabric material and colors, usually, we use white PVC fabric cover which is the most popular.

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Dome Tent Structure


The big dome tent structure is double layer reinforced steel coated white tube which only we can do to make the dome more stronger, stable and completely safe.
You can assemble and remove the big dome tent for many times, you can rent to anyother person who need it.
It’s best for outdoor event, party, shows etc.

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Dome Tent Cover


The black PVC cover is suitable for events, we use high-frequency welding machine to combine many pieces of PVC fabric together, then the whole dome was covered with one pcs roof cover.
Beside the geodesic dome tent, we also use the black PVC fabric for the aluminum marquee tent, black is popular too.

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Dome Cover


The whole piece of the cover to too heavy, we use big crane to hang up the whole fabric to cover down the dome tent from top to the bottom.
The we fix and tight the cover to the frame to make sure the dome is strong to against heavy wind and storm, we pay more attention to the safety and quality of the big dome tent.

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The big dome tent with steel structure and black PVC cover for outdoor event is very shine at the night time, ourbig dome tent for outdoor event is highly recommended by customers for the high quality and best service.

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