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35m big dome for 360 degree projection

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This 35M customized geodesic dome tent was the classic project we cooperated with our government, it’s uesd for the Fouth lighting art festival show and projection. The big dome was designed just like a big diamond which was very shiny, fulgurantm brilliantly and beautiful.
The dome tent for event and festival is full of technology, 3D lighting projector technology and tent manufacturer expreience, until now, only we can do this kind of customized dome tent, since the dome was creatively, we made the similar second one for The Youth Olympic Lighting Art Festival in Nanjing city in the beginnig of 2019, it attracted tens of thousands of people for the performance.
Size:35M diameter, 18M length.
Material:The main material of frame is hot-dip galvanized steel tube, and covered with soft fabric and PVC fabric.
Feature:Windload, high air permeability, fire resistance, DIN4102 B1/M2.
Capacity:The dome tent don’t need hold people but set on the plaza and people go around for the lighting show.
Accessory:Lighting, projector system etc.
Wind and Snow load:Windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

This customized big geodesic dome tent was covered with soft cotton cloth and white PVC fabric, at the daytime, it looks like a white dome tent while at the night, when the 3D projector equipment works inside the dome tent, it becomes a huge shiny diamond, multicoloured and attracted.

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The main material of the big dome tent includes both the dome structure and dome cover, we use the hot-dip galvanized steel tube which is strong enough, unti-rust and long lifespan. We also have other options for the structure, the stainless steel tube, steel coated white tube, alumimum alloy tube etc.. The round shape tube is used for dome tent and the square aluminum frame for glass dome tents.

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We made the big geodesic dome tent with hot-dip galvanized steel tube frame which is high hardness and strength, anti-rust, stable and completely safe, so far, the dome is reinforced, strong enough and can be used at least 15-20 years.

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Dome Cover


At the top of the dome tent, it’s covered with high flexibility and resilience soft cloth, which is very light and has good ventilation, so the dome can withstand typhoon of max 17. At the bottom of the dome tent, it’s covered with PVC fabric which was made to many seperated  triangles.

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Event Dome


First, we set the geodesic dome tent up on the ground, then we remove the whole dome onto the parterre which is about 30M far away. 

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The 35M geodesic dome tent was made for the Forth Lighting Show in Zhongshan city which is famous of lights in China . The big idea of the dome tent was just like a big diamond when lights shining. Inside of the big dome tent, there are many projector and sound equipment for this dome.

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The outside of the 35M geodesic dome tent was hanging with the snow shape lights, while inside of the big dome tent, there are many jellyfish shape of decorations and simulation trees, these all be prepared for the lighting art show.

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