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30M Geodesic Dome Tent with Desert Color PVC Cover For Event and Restaurant

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Our best sell 30M geodesic dome tent usually used for event and restaurant. It has many advantages:
a) The dome tent is 15M height, 706.5 sqm, the space can be 100% utilization for event.
b) The geodesic dome tent structure is simple and can be easily to set up and settle down.
c) The dome tent frame is reinforced with steel coated white, can be used at least 15-20 years.
The 30M geodesic dome tent is 100% new, the frame is steel coated white, covered with desert style yellow color fabric, including dome frame + dome cover + basement + 3 pcs of glass door. More accessory can be added with extra cost.

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30M geodesic dome tent sample with steel coated white, size is 38*2.5mm tube, besides, we have reinforced processs to make the tube becomes stronger, it’s engouh to against 100km/h wind and snow, and the dome tent can be used for 15-20 years.

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The dome roof cover is 850g/sqm desert yellow with transparent 1000g/sqm PVC fabric which has the black-out layer in the middle of the fabric, to make the dome against sunlights.
We used the high-frequency welding machine to connect the fabric together and our workers are all experienced to make sure the dome quality well.

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Glass Door with Frame


For the promotion 30M geodesic dome tent, we make 1pcs of aluminum double open glass door and 2pcs of aluminum single open glass door, the glass door will customized with aluminum frame which the quality is higher.

The glass door is frost glass to protace your pravicy when you stay inside the geodesic dome tent, every glass door has extra square shape steel frame to make the glass door fix well to the dome structure, only we can do this for high quality.
Another advantages of our geodesic dome tent, we have the special fixation at the bottom part of the dome tent, we use J shape steel tube to be tightened the cover to the structure, that makes the dome more beauty, smooth and stronger.

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