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2M4M6M Glass Dome Tents for Lighting Show and Restaurant

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Size: Glass dome tent, best for glamping and resort, other size can be OK.
Material: The main material of the glass dome tent is aluminum frame and covered with fully blue coated tempered glass.
Capacity: The 7m glass dome tent is 38.5 sqm, can hold 1-2 beds for 2-4 people to live in and 30 people for standing.
Accessory: The glass dome tent for event accessory including glass door, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: Glass dome tent is heavy duty and strong structure which windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM

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The raw material of glass dome tent is rather different than the PVC fabric dome tent, since the glass was very heavy, so we need the hardest and strongest frame material to bear the cover weight. We choose the Fenglv aluminum industry factory to be our gold supplier, this factory is exactly ranked first in China market, we have cooperated with them for many many years, so the quality and delivery time of the raw material can be guaranteed.

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The 7M glass dome tent with “3V” structure is stable and strong and best to install the frame and tempered glass. The frame material is aluminum alloy structure with reinforced and thickened, it’s unti-rust and unti-corrosion, widely used in aerospace industry and construction industry, the best material for the glass dome tent for long time usage.

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For this 7M glass dome tent, we covered it with double layer blue coated tempered glass, it has better performance than the single layer glass on the feature of soundproof and UV-resistance. It’s more safety as it’s double laminted glass, that means when the glass was attacked by external force, if the fisrt layer was broken, the second layer was still safe to protect the glass dome tent.

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The 7M glass dome tent is 38.5 sqm, it’s used for the opening celebration of the shopping mall, based on the garden of the plaza. After the event, the glass dome tent will be used for coffee house for the leisure space for kids and people. Customers prefer to the double layer tempered glass to make sure that will be compeletely safe for long time usage. 

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We are not only has professional workers for the producing glass dome tent,  but slao has very experience engineers to install the glass dome tents, wheter the frame or the glass, they are familar with every process of the glass dome tent.

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We have many patents on the glass dome tents to protect our powerful products and technology from being imitated. The glass dome tent already through the appearance and practical and new type patent. Patented product counterfeiting not allowed.

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