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14M Side Height Event Tent Marquee Tent

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This project we made 20X65M, 20X30M, 20X25M marquee tents for outdoor event for VIVO mobile phone brand in Shanghai nearby the HUANGPU RIVER.
This event tent the width is 20M, length is 65M, and side height is 14M, the toppest height of marquee tent for event in China, only we can do it!
Our aluminum marquee event tents are sold well in China and overseas and are highly recognized by customers.
Size: 20M width, 65M length, 14M side height, the NO.1 height event tent in China.
Material: The main material of the marquee tent is big inforced aluminum profile T6061-T6. and 850g/sqm roof PVC fabric cover.
Feature: Waterproof, fire resistance, DIN4102 B1/M2.
Capacity: The aluminum frame marquee event tent can hold 1000 people.
Accessory: Marquee tent accessory including glass wall, lights, floor system, etc.
Wind and Snow load: Marquee event tent windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

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The marquee tent for event is very common around the world because of the flexible structure and super high utilization and easy to set up, that’s one of the main product of our company, the biggest and widest aluminum marquee tent for event we have made is 65M width, for this project, we made the 20M width and 65M length for VIVO brand event.
The frame material of the marquee tent for event is inforced aluminum alloy, the connector of the marquee tent is hot-dip galvanized steel profile. There have many size of the raw aluminum frame, for the big tent we use big profile.

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Aluminum Frame


The marquee tent is best for event, the frame is aluminum which is light weight, bright, have strong corrosion resistance, stable and completely safe, can be easily regenerated and recycles, it’s environmentally friendly and best for packing and delivery. So far, the aluminum marquee tent has long lifespan and can be used at least 20 years.

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Aluminum Profile


The aluminum profile of the marquee tent has been processed by hot and cold process production, it’s very stable and strong for outdoor usage. Even after a long period of rain and sun exposure in outdoor, the aluminum marquee tent will remain as bright as new one.

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The connector


The connector of the aluminum frame marquee tent is hot-dip galvanized steel which is hardness and strength, it can can be cut into different shape and size to fit the frame of the tent.

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The aluminum marquee tent is best for event in outdoor, the frame is light weight and easy to install, inside the event tent, there is no pole,so the space can be 100% utilization.  Inside of the marquee tent, it’s better for you to  add the truss for the light and sound system.

This marquee tent is 20M width and 65M length with the toppest 14M side height in China, we custom the high marquee tent for our customers for the special event.

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The marquee tent accessory system includes side wall system, pressure system, floor system and inside decorations, below are some regular and necessary accessories of the aluminum marquee event tent, the expanded screw for the basement to fix the marquee tent, the connectors and the butterfly shape component for the frame structure etc..which is important for the marquee event tent system.

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1, First, assemble the frame of the marquee tent, you should use the big crane to build the frame up one distance by ine distance.
2,Then install the roof cover and side PVC wall one distance by one distance, after each connetor to be checked and fixed.
3,Next, install the square shape pressure steel into the notch between the fabric cover and frame to d fix the cover to be more smooth and strength.
4, Re-checked the fix system again to make sure the marquee tent is perfect.

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