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12M Glass Dome Tent

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We made the 12M diameter glass dome tent for restaurant for our French client, the dome was made of high inforced aluminum alloy frame and blue tempered glass. It’s very strong to against the big wind and snow and can be used for at least 15-20 years. The technical data as below:

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The main material of the glass dome tent includes both the dome structure and dome cover, if client demanded  the glass dome tent to be permanent building, we will suggest the high reinforced aluminum alloy profile for the structure and with solid covering. We have operated with the aluminum alloy factory which is the No.1 raw material factory in China, and glass factory which we have cooperated for many years, so the quality of the raw material can be guaranteed. If your order is urgent, we can try to arrange for you in advance.

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Glass Dome Frame


We made the glass dome tent for restaurant building with aluminum alloy frame which is lightweight,anti-rust, stable and completely safe, can be easily regenerated and  it’s environmentally friendly and best for packing and delivery, so far, the dome is reinforced, strong enough and can be used at least 15-20 years.

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Glass Dome Cover


The glass dome tent is covered fully with tempered glass, which is 100% waterproof, UV-resistance, soundproof, can block 80% of infrared radiation, 100% natural light, smooth and shiny, and it can be cleaned easily with water when it’s dusty. The most popular color is blue tempered glass, of course, you can choose diffrent according to your requirement.

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Test Glass Dome Tent


We usually did the installation test in our factory before delivery to make sure that every details will be perfect, our engineers and workers are all experienced, they have been working in our company for about 5-6 years, they did the high quality glass dome tents and can ship the dome tents in time.<

We have conneceted the triangles together to build the glass dome tent up and did the installation test in our factory, that cost much time and charges, but it’s necessory. Many clients demand the glass dome tents must to be high quality and high safety for the permanent building, we have the certificates and the real photos and videos to show that.

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The glass dome tent can be used in many situations, such as the camp and glamping site, in the park, indoor dispaly, in the beauty spot, in the farm village.

We have strictly quality control process before package to make sure that the glass dome tent is certainly higi quality with the details and accessory, the accessory including the tempered glass, the glass window by electric and by hand, the board for dust prevention for the structure.
Our workers are all experienced of the glass dome tent, they have did many tests in our factory, so trust us!

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We have many certifications on the glass dome tents to protect our powerful products and technology,including the design patent, the appearance patent, the utility model patent, the CE reports, the quality management system certification, the trademark license etc.

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The glass dome tent can be easily build up.First, you should combine the triangles to be hexagon structure; Second, set the position of the frame, build the frame from the bottom to the top step by step; Third, assemble the glass door and fix it to be tighten with the structure; Next, you can install the triangle tenpered glass piece by piece.

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