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10M Glass Dome House

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The glass dome tent size can be 4M to 30M diameter, small glass dome such as 4M/6M/8M is perfect for camp and luxury hotel room and leisure space for personal and for family resort, bigger size 10M/15M/20M/30M is best for restaurant, party, wedding, greenhouse, permanent building etc. The geodesic glass dome performs well in waterproof, soundproof, against heavy wind and snow, can be used in the hot desert and in the cold icy north europe. We have several test reports and patent certifications on the glass dome tents to protect the product against counterfeiting
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Size: 10M diameter, 5.5M height, which is 78.5 sqm,other size can be customized.
Material: The frame material of the glass dome house is aluminum alloy frame T6061-T5 which is lightweight, goor strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, easy to regenerate, it’s best for packing and delivery and environmentally friendly.
Feature: The cover of the glass dome house is tempered glass with 6mm thickness, toughened glass, which is 100% waterproof, fire resistance, 100% natral light and can block 80% UV lights.
Capacity: Inside og the 10M glass dome house can hold 80 people for standing and 10 people for living.
Accessory: including glass door, glass window, floor system, platform etc.
Wind and Snow load: Windload 100KM/H and snowload is 75KG/SQM.

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The frame of this 10M glass dome house is reinforced aluminum alloy frame structure covered with fully tempered glass. This structure is very stable to against the strong wind. The material of aluminum alloy is high standard reinforced profile T6061/T5. For large size glass dome house, we use bigger profile, glass is tempered and toughened with 6mm thickness which is stronger than ordinary glass.

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Glass Dome Frame


We coopered with the  raw material profile company for a long time who called FENGLU aluminum profile who ranked first in China construction aluminum market  which is the special aluminum for China’s aerospace industry, we use the best material to make sure that the glass dome tent is 100% safe.

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Glass Dome Frame Details


The frame is reinforced aluminum profile, we cut it into pieces and weld the triangles together to pentagons and hexagons shape which is more convenient to assemble.

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Accessory of Glass Dome Tent


We can add the glass window and glass glass door for you, on the top, the glass windows uauslly controled by electric, while glass window on the first and sencond layer of the glass dome tent will by made by hand.
For the door, you can choose single open or double open, as well, we can customized the size of the glass door if you use the dome for big event, restaurant, greenhouse etc.

We uauslly did the test of the installation in our factory before we delivery to customers to make sure that every details will be perfect. The frame surface of the glass dome tent will be painted with grey or black after welded to make the dome more beautiful.  

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Most of our workers are have been working in our factory for 5-6 years, they always pay more attention to the quality of every product. We have QC team to recheck the glass dome tent quality before package and shipping. 

The workers are all professional and experienced on the process of the glass dome tents, the production process is as below:
1, We will check the design and details of the glass dome tents with customers;
2, We will cut the raw material into the right pieces according to the program;
3, Drill holes on the frame for connectors, and weld the frames together to be triangles shapes.
4, Treated the frame to be the right color according to customers’ requirements.

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We have many patents on the glass dome tents to protect our powerful products and technology.

We got the patent certificates of the glass dome tents from our government, including the appearence patent, utility model patent, products test report, structure report certifications etc.

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For the installation of the 10M glass dome tent, you can build it up only by workers and hand without any machine and cranes.
First, positioning the glass dome tent on the ground, use tools as scafford, rubber hammer to assemble the triangle, pentagon, hexagon, trapeziod shapes from down upto the top the dome tent .
Second, assemble the glass door and glass window for the geodesic dome tent.
Then, cover the tempered glass from the top to the bottom of the glass dome tents.

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